These apps can help to organise your emails and keep your inbox tidy

Staying on top of your emails can verge on a full-time job if you’re an advocate of “inbox zero”, especially if you’ve recently downloaded Apple’s new iOS10

Updates are supposed to make things easier, yet after downloading it there are countless email threads, old messages on top of the new ones and the confusion of not knowing who you’re replying to, which can cause havoc if you are sending compromising messages. Usually calm managers have been known to get off the Tube a stop early just to double check that they didn’t send a message about a person to that person by accident — iOS10 groups messages in such a way that the person you have mentioned will be included in the chain.

But with the help of some new email-tidying apps you can get rid of the clutter.

For busy types having multiple accounts is common but time-consuming. Instead of having to fiddle about with various email addresses, apps such as MyMail can combine them into one universal inbox and mark specific contacts with images, so you know straight away who has emailed you.  

If your email interface is too difficult to manoeuvre, try downloading Hop. It displays your emails in message form — like iMessage and WhatsApp — so instead of searching through never-ending threads you can scroll down to see an entire conversation in one place. 

Then there are more stripped-back options such as Triage, which is like Tinder for your emails. Simply swipe up to archive an email and down to delete. It’s free to download and while it is probably more addictive than it is necessary — you’ll be left with a bulging archive folder — at least your inbox will be squeaky clean.

Managing threads can be complex but Type Mail sorts your emails into subjects which you can access via a dropdown menu. Equally, if iOS10 has made you sick of threads, you can customise them or turn them off in mail settings and simply use the search bar instead. 

Of course, then there’s the camp who are instant messenger-based and make the case that soon we won’t be using email at all. Until then, clean up your act.

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